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Cubbin Consulting -- Writing on aviation safety, security, training, marketing, and economics.


SURVIVAL TACTICS FOR AIRLINE PASSENGERS -- REVIEW AND BUY | UPS -- Brown Globalization | Mixed Fleets -- Mixed Blessings? | War on Iraq? Why? | Airline Reformation -- Will Some Airlines Fail? | Profile of a Terrorist | Airport Security in Shambles | Cockpit Intrusions | Pilots Need Guns | Pilot Suicide | ETOPS MANIA | Are old airplanes safe? | Flight of Safety | Rain in the Desert | Cure for dry Cabins in Airplanes? | Mergers -- good or bad? | Delays Malaise | Should airlines be re-regulated? | Megafloat -- Floating Runway Built on the Ocean in Japan | Accident Causes and Statistics | A Jumpseat Named Desire | Light hearted article on aged-60 rule | What it's like to suffer through a JCAB physical | Meet the Author | FORUM FOR AVIATION QUESTIONS AND DISCUSSION | My resume | EMAIL ME !

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